The Art of Sustainability showcases artwork that explores sustainability themes. In an era of climate change, strained resources, and inequality, change is coming. Which changes in which arenas – those are the exciting and terrifying questions. Art has the power to reflect where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we could go. The Art of Sustainability seeks to share artworks that shine a light on issues of environmental damage and preservation, cultural and lifestyle changes, and economic and social justice that all swirl under the header “sustainability”. The goal of The Art of Sustainability is to serve as an anthology or set of digital “exhibits” of eco-art, while also connecting to eco-advocates, non-profits and others who are creating change in key sustainability spheres and offering inspiration for taking your own actions to create a sustainable future.

So, please explore The Art of Sustainability, get inspired, support the artists, pick your path, and take action!


Teresa is an artist and a sustainable strategist with a background in architecture. She has a Masters of Architecture from the University of Arizona, where she focused on Climate Responsive Architecture. She has over 20 years of experience in architecture, sustainability, and eco-educational tool development. Teresa strives to make eco-change on a daily basis via her sustainability and green building consulting services. She is also a creator, as a painter and mixed media installation artist. In 2014 she created an art work for an outdoor exhibition called Heaven & Earth: Cycles of Return made from fused plastic bags, just before the City of Seattle banned plastic bags for retail use. The experience led her to delve further into the expanding field of sustainability in art, and merge her consulting and art pursuits as a pathway to creating cultural change.

For questions, art submissions, or guest curation ideas, please get in touch!